Pizza Journey

2 novembre 2010

Why a pizza journey ?

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I started making pizza religiously back in the begining of this summer, when I got back from Italy. It was the day of the final game of the world cup, I was completely jet lagged and stuff and I had time to kill under the whistle. I went to a bombastic Italian grocery store in Little Italy’s in Montreal, Milano. When I crossed the door, I instantly felt like I never left the sunsets of Tuscany. They simply had everything, even the f**** water! Any way, I asked some restaurant owners in the ‘hood what was the secret of authentic Neapolitan pizza. They responded me to get my ass at Milano. I spent a shitload of money that day, I bought kilos of « 00″ flour, the real flour for making pizza, pasta and Italian pastries. I bought 40L of the San Benedito water from Naples, a ridiculous amount of yeast, tomato seeds, fresh Italian tomatoes, too much mozzarella di bufala. I did a bunch of tries and I’m really happy of my pizza now. The point of this blog is to show you everything about pizza, nothing else.

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