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4 novembre 2010

The Main Different Types of Pizza

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First of all, you know that pretty much everyone adapted the dough or the pizza itself for a specific society or city. Some of them are well known while some want to be recognize as real pizza types. Here they are and a brief description of them

Neapolitan Pizza: This is the real stuff, where it all begun. This is probably the most artistic style, there are true tradition in these pies. Generations of pizza makers and usually, every kind of them have long stories beyond. Just take a look at the epic authentic traditional Margherita pizza. This type was born in Naples back in the 1600′s. It was initially some bread dough that was flatened out and thrown in the baker’s wood fired oven to test the oven’s temperature, then sold on the street for less than a penny. This type usually consists of a nice crispy and airy thin crust covered with a nice San Marzano’s tomato purée seasoned with basil and other herbs, some fresh mozzarella di Bufala or Fior di Latte and topped off with nice local ingredients depending on the market’s stock and the region pizzaïolos were living in.

New York Pizza: This type of pizza, it seems pretty obvious though, was invented in N-Y. In the early century, a lot of Italian imigrants invaded the United States and brought with them some cooking traditions. One man, opened the first pizzeria in Brooklyn back in the days and was pretty upset because he wasn’t able to find all the Italian ingredients like fresh mozzarella or Italian flour. He then decided to try to replicate his lovely pizza and changing the ingredients to the local market’s stock. It is the most popular pizza type around the world commercially and is the closest to Neapolitan pizza. It usually consists of a thin crispy crust, but still tender, not cracker-like. The main different is that its less puffy and the dough sometime contains eggs too enhance the crispiness without having to use a wood-fired oven, litteraly illegal in N-Y city.

Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza: This pizza is kinda closer to a balzy quiche than a nice pizza. It was invented in the 40′s at the very first Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. This type usually consists of a heavy not-so-risen super vegetable-oily dough which is really under-kneaded and cookie dough like almost. It usually contains about 6 pounds of cheese and 7 cups of tomato sauce and usually a whole pig of italian sausage (ok, maybe some exageration but they still go a bit too heavily on the toppings).


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