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18 novembre 2010

00 Flour, what the hell is that !?

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00 Flour, what the hell is that !? dans Ingredients 4239295699_252e6bf4dc_o

OK, I won’t fake being a complete dummy with absolutely not even a bit of knowledge in the world of pizza making. But it’s pleasure to share with you. A lot of people love doing Neapolitan authentic pizza and try to get into the real thing quickly. The key of Neapolitan style pizza is obviously a wood fired oven. It isn’t necessary to achieve an amazing pizza though. Another key would be using fresh ingredients and San Marzano tomatoes. The real key for me is the water and the flour. In Naples, they use a special super fluffy pillow like flour made of super strong wheat. It is labeled as 00 flour. This flour might be hard to find if you live in the MidWest, but in any other place you should be able to find it.

A lot of brands produce this type of flour. In America, the most popular one to pizza makers is by far and really far Caputo’s Chef 00 flour. You can also find Molini Pizzuti’s, Granoro, Barilà and King Arthur even tried out with a sucky Italian type labeled flour which sucks really hard. What’s incredible about this flour is that its so finely milled and that it has a nice amount of protein for proper gluten developement. Usually the protein rate is about 11,5 to 12,5 % which is good, a little weaker than any bread flour but it makes a lighter, airier crust.

For pizza, make sure you take the 00 flour that has a nice of protein because there is also 00 flours that have a protein content as weak as 6 %. It indicates how finely milled the wheat is and not his protein content which may bring some confusion and cause some problem if you take a pastry flour labeled 00. Make sure it has « pizza », « pizzeria » or « pane », or just check the protein level.

You should try to order a 2.2lbs bag and try it yourself. You should note unfortunately that it doesn’t brown that much in regular ovens. You absolutely need to buy a pizza stone or a wood fired oven to use it.

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