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9 novembre 2010

The perfect pizza sauce !

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To be or not to be ? To have the perfect pizza sauce or a shitty one ? Do you know that this question terrorizes pizza makers. When pizza makers start avoiding lard as their sauce and started using the tomato, a new fruit from the New World, everybody started worrying about turning it into sauce! Some people like to keep it simple, some like to f**** it all with useless cheap ingredients like garlic powder, use fresh garlic at least. Some also use marinara sauce, that pisses me off so I won’t go into details for that one.

Personally I think that the tomato mixture you put on your dough must be simple! Like really simple, maybe some tomato purée and salt, enough is enough. The most important part of your sauce is obviously the tomatoes, the QUALITY of the tomatoes. That doesn’t mean to avoid canned tomatoes because some are like super quality. I personally find that using San Marzano tomatoes is the best decision that could be made in your life. If you have some time to lose though, you can purée opalka tomatoes, they are like really good but not so common. A nice pinch of salt per tomato and maybe some chopped basil. Stay away from dry oregano or at least don’t mix it in! Maybe spread some over when the pizza is cooked. Some leaves of basil, but keep that away from the sauce.

Maybe that’s not what you guys like, but this is my opinion about the sauce and I hope, that maybe I changed your mind :P Anyway ! Thanks for reading this and be sure to check out the upcoming posts !

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